Tony Vadimsky
Services Provided

Additional Healing Modalities:

  • Perelandra Flower Essences: I use the flower essences in a variety of ways to balance the human electrical system which promotes healing.
  • Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program: The program connects humans and nature in a new and intimate way. In this program, human health and balance are achieved by focusing not on the human, but the health and balance of the vast and vibrant population of living organisms called microbes.
  • Perelandra Energy Cleansing Process: I remove negative and unwanted energies from the human body, home and property.
  • Perelandra Battle Energy Release: Battle energy is energy that is associated with being around violence, arguments or just being near angry people. I release this energy from the human body, home and property.
  • Perelandra Body/Soul Fusion Process: Occasionally a sudden shock to the body like an accident or losing a loved one can result in the soul jumping out of the body. There is still a magnetic-like link to the body but the situation makes the individual feel spacey, distant and finds it difficult to perform tasks. I can reintegrate the body and soul back together.
  • Perelandra Miasm Release: This is a tough one. A miasm is an independent energy reality that is out of time and place with the overall direction and purpose of the human host. It can be dormant or active. It is difficult to balance, stabilize and eventually neutralize. I have done it but it can take a long time.
  • Spirit Release: The spirits of deceased people can attach themselves to your aura or body. I can release these spirits so they can move into the light to continue on their evolutionary path. I can do the same for spirits that are residing in your home.
  • Chakra Tuning Forks: I use a set of tuning forks to rebalance the body’s chakras. Each tuning fork is tuned to the vibration of a specific chakra. This method will bring each chakra back into harmony including the 8th chakra; the Soul Star Chakra.    
Additional  Healing

Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioners do not diagnose, treat or heal disease. Reiki and IET is not intended to replace traditional medical approaches. Reiki and IET practitioners diagnose energy flow, treat the energy body and support our clients in the self-healing process. Remember: our clients are the healers; we are the facilitators.