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What is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)?

As a practicing Reiki master, Stevan Thayer treated many clients with energy blockages that Reiki alone didn’t clear. In part by accident and in part by divine intervention, Stevan discovered the Integrated Energy Therapy cellular memory map and the Integrated Energy Therapy integration points. These points which are not on any traditional acupressure systems, have the power to support the clearing of energy blockages that result from deeply suppressed cellular memories. He started to develop the process in 1987 and started teaching IET in 1994.

There are eleven integration points throughout the body that activate energy blockages in the body. Each is activated one at a time by the practitioner to release the blockages.
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Additional  Healing

Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioners do not diagnose, treat or heal disease. Reiki and IET is not intended to replace traditional medical approaches. Reiki and IET practitioners diagnose energy flow, treat the energy body and support our clients in the self-healing process. Remember: our clients are the healers; we are the facilitators.